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The Epic Gaming Table Project Introduction October 12, 2009

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In September of 2008, the three members of my weekly tabletop gaming group and I decided that it was time we invested in a table that would serve to enhance the enjoyment of our sessions.  Because one of our members has expertise in carpentry, we decide to create a design from the ground up and then build it using quality materials so it could stand on its own as an attractive piece of furniture.  We created the design in Google Sketchup.

Table Initial Design

Our initial design contained desk spaces for up to six players and included features such as a character sheet clip, dry erase board for recording notes, a magnetic or cork board for hanging various other sheets, and sliding counters for keeping track of HP, spells, etc.  From the very beginning we knew that we want to include draft beer taps because it was something we had never seen on any of the other gaming table designs we found.

Table Design 2

We determined that our initial designs placed the map surface too high and that the players would have a difficult time seeing what was going on.  Also we wanted to be able to still see each other since we didn’t want it to feel like we were role playing in cubicles so we lowered the map surface eliminating the ability to place a character sheet vertically on the desk area.  We also eliminated one of the player stations in order to add a larger space dedicated to the game master.

Table Final Design

Our final design included a slightly raised map surface in order to achieve an attractive multi-tiered effect and also to create a sufficient space in the center for the kegerator.  We also eliminated all of the frills except for the counters figuring people would be able to lay everything out however they choose.

It took us several weeks but we finally reached a design that was feasible to build and gave us the features we wanted.



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